How to take care of your leather belt

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A leather belt is an essential investment for your wardrobe. Leather belts are understated, stylish, and very versatile.

It will also be absolutely dependable. In fact, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t give you a lifetime’s use — provided you stick to a few simple rules.

Here’s our checklist for getting the most out of your leather belt.

  1. Size it right
  2. Keep it dry
  3. Clean you belt
  4. Use conditioner

Size it right

This is an obvious point, but easy to overlook.

When you choose a belt, don’t pick one that you have to do up to the last hole. Aim for the middle hole, so that you have a couple of extra stops above and below your present weight.

Most of us wax and wane in the course of the year, and forcing yourself into a too-tight belt will put unnecessary strain on the leather.

Keep it dry

Our belts are naturally waterproofed, but leather really doesn’t appreciate getting saturated.

If you’re unlucky enough to get soaked in a thunderstorm, take your belt off as soon as you can.

Blot it dry with a towel and hang it in an open area at room temperature to air-dry.

Resist the temptation to rush the drying process with a hairdryer or electric fire — if your belt dries out too quickly, it will end up hard and brittle.

Clean your belt

Like a good pair of shoes, your belt repels dirt.

Nevertheless, it will inevitably pick up a bit of grime as you move about.

Cleaning needn’t be anything more than an occasional rubdown with a lukewarm damp cloth.

But bear in mind that, as per the last point, leather and water don’t really get on. Be sure not to saturate the cloth and — above all — don’t use any detergent.

Use conditioner

Leather is an animal product, so it appreciates care and feeding.

There are lots of suitable conditioners on the market. They usually incorporate some sort of polish to repel dirt and moisture, and many of them are based on lanolin which enables them to penetrate the hide in order to moisturize it.

Application is usually simple: just apply a small amount of conditioner to a dry cloth and rub it well in to both sides of the belt.

Then give the belt a few hours to air-dry before you put it on again. Two or three applications a year will keep it polished and supple.

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