A Stable Supply Chain

As a retailer, you need to be sure of your product range- that’s why we retain full control over our supply chain to ensure product longevity and a consistent product range. You can stock our products with confidence that they’ll be available for as long as they are viable and in trend.

Keeping it Simple

Single Source for Leather Goods

Avoid the hassle and paperwork involved with purchasing from multiple suppliers- with Oxford Leathercraft, we offer a broad range from basic items to the premium segment, with years of experience for you to fall back on.

Be Sure of Us

Assurance in Your Market

You need to be assured that your supplier will not bypass your company and sell directly to the end user- we have a firm and unchanging policy to never market to the consumer, meaning that you can be confident in your pricing and marketplace.

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Always Adaptable

Flexible for Your Requirements

We know that often retailers feel that high pack quantities and minimum order spends can limit their flexibility, especially if expanding into new markets. We go a step further and do not set pack quantities, so you can order and trial products with the minimum of cost and hassle.