Made to Order

Full Branding, Packaging & Design Support

We offer full branding and design support in conjunction with your designers or simply from our own on-trend advice. Many of our clients request us to package their products and we use either their packaging or source for them. We do issue a small charge for sampling, but always refund this on the first order.

Stock Holding

Where the client wants to order in bulk, to benefit from lower prices or guarantee uninterrupted supply, we import the bulk and deliver in batches on schedule or call off. This helps your cashflow, supply chain and storage space.

Risk Free Importing with Credit

Importing goods from overseas can negatively affect cashflow, because orders must be paid for in full before shipment. We can import your goods and give you credit.You have the assurance that the goods will arrive to you as you ordered; if any shipment arrives defective, we are liable.

Flexible Service

High minimum order requirements on custom products can limit your flexibility, especially if expanding into new markets. We go a step further and don’t set high minimum order quantities, so you can order and trial products with the least cost.